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NeoDiamond Home

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Highest Rated
Exclusive Triton® bonding technology provides a faster cut and less chairtime... learn more

NeoBurr Home

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The New Definition of Strength
Announcing Microcopy's new 5572 carbide—reinforced for strength... learn more


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Ultimate Parotid Control
Traps moisture quickly for up to 15 minutes without leaving loose fibers in the mouth...learn more

virtualCTNeoDiamond & NeoBurr Virtual Co-Travel

With Virtual Co-Travel, your job is made simple. This program is designed to provide online tools to help you assist the doctor in choosing NeoDiamond and NeoBurr shapes with ease. These are the tools within this program... learn more



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We are excited to provide you with tools to help you assist the dental practices in choosing Microcopy products. On this site you have access to tools that will make your job easier.

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