Product History


mn 2016
Minnow, The Go-Anywhere Polisher is launched. The miniature polisher fits into pits, fissures and areas that larger polishers just cannot reach. Minnow is an ideal fit for a single-patient-use, and is an economical, yet high-gloss-value polisher.

bc box rblk

Bite-Chek adds a Red/Black film for marking occlusion and excursion. It is also ideal for marking surfaces of opposing arches. The box is redesigned to work as a dispenser as well.


Gazelle Combo
Gazelle adds a convenient combo 10 pack. This pack contains both the Satin and Hi-Gloss polishers in one shape. The packs are available in the Cups, Discs, and Points.


pdy box
All NeoDrys orders placed from October to December will be produced in the color pink rather than yellow and blue. A portion of the profits are donated to cancer research in support of its cure.


bc box
Bite-Chek articulation film is introduced. This new tool is a convenient way to check the occlusion without using forceps. The pack contains 100 double-sided black thin film Bite-Cheks.

Gazelle nanocomposite polisher that produces an excellent high gloss value, is introduced. This composite polisher is designed to have flexibility and durability, so they do not crumble or fall apart.


NeoDiamond and NeoBurr add new products in different size packs. NeoDiamond adds 15 new shapes to expand its selection, including Guide-Pin and Endo Access. NeoBurr adds 17 shapes including 30-Blade Trimming and Finishing and expands its surgical line to include Endo Access and HP Oral surgery burs.


nb bpx10

NeoBurr dental carbide burs are now provided sterilized, being the first one in the industry to increase this level of safety. Today, NeoBurr® carbides are the leader in sterilized carbides for effective infection control and provide unparalleled quality, strength and performance.


DY box

Microcopy begins international sales of NeoDrys. Poland was one of the first countries to begin distribution. Today, we market throughout the entire world.


DY box
Microcopy introduces NeoDrys® the ultimate dental absorbent product on the market. With cheek retraction and protection, improvement of dry-field procedures, patient comfort, and cost savings, it didn’t take long before it became a huge hit. Neodrys absorb, protect and reflect, assisting in providing the best patient care. No messy leaks or loose fibers left behind. Today, NeoDrys is the dental professional's best friend.


nd box10
Microcopy, in an effort to diversify our product line, introduced NeoDiamond®. We pioneered the concept of a single-use diamond, suggesting that dentists switch from using a diamond multiple times - sterilizing the diamond and keeping track of its use in inventory. The advantages of single-patient-use, which improves performance and safety, wasn’t an easy sell at first but growth was steady and over the next several years NeoDiamond began to gain share to make a name for itself. It has grown to be the #1 selling dental diamond bur.


Company efforts were directed toward the patent for an x-ray solution in less than a minute. The process worked well for the dental market, so INSTA-NEG® and INSTA-FIX were born. Additional X-ray related products were soon introduced including our own patented INSTA-VELOPER® Portable Darkroom for chairside processing in seconds. We also introduced FLAPS® Cushioned Bite Tabs – soft foam film positioning tabs and TROLLMOUNTS – a superior film mounting system.


soutions 1970

Microcopy entry into the dental community started with the purchase of two patents. One was for a process to copy engineering drawings and another was for rapid dental x-ray solutions. However with the industry quickly changing due to the development of the personal computer, the business of processing engineering drawings was not pursued and all efforts were directed towards rapid dental x-ray processing.