NeoDiamond & NeoBurr Virtual Co-Travel

Request samples of NeoDiamond and NeoBurr with Virtual Co-Travel. This program is designed to provide online tools to help you assist the doctor in choosing NeoDiamond and NeoBurr shapes with ease. Slmply sign in and choose the shapes you would like for your doctor. In checkout, you can choose to have them sent to you, or sent directly to the doctor with a card with your name as the one requesting the samples.

These are the tools within this program.

  1. Simple Conversion: a cross-reference chart to compare other brand of diamonds to NeoDiamond product numbers.
  2. Easy Ordering: a cross-reference chart for NeoDiamond and NeoBurr dealer numbers.
  3. Clear Selections: each diamond or carbide in the online catalog enlarges to see the detail of the shape.
  4. Samples: select 2 samples from products for the doctor to try and place in the shopping cart.
  5. Follow Through: samples will be sent directly to the doctor, or you may choose receive them. You will be notified via email when the samples will be mailed.

At Microcopy we value the relationship we have with our dealers.
All customer information is completely confidential and is only used to send the samples to the doctor.